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The Most Joyful Day in my Life

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My daughter and I were home alone after a very eventful day of ministry. Every day in my quite time I would pray for God to save my daughter at an early age. I would declare the peace and favor of God over her life.  I would pray for her to be a blessing and that her life will lead others to Christ. Well, the perfect opportunity aroused earlier, she asked Mommy what will happen if I die today?

At first I was startled; I wondered a bit why she is asking the question?  If you know my little girl you would know that she is very mature for her age.  Therefore, I knew I could have “the salvation” conversation with her. I said well, if you die without accepting Jesus Christ as your personal savior you would go to hell. On the other hand, if you accept Him into your heart, you would go to heaven. She replied so I must accept Him, if I want to go to heaven. I said yes dear.

We talked about what it means to invite Christ into her heart and the difference it makes to acknowledge that we as human beings cannot save ourselves. She thought about the conversation for a while and then she said I need to accept the Lord into my heart, Mommy can you please pray with me.

I prayed the sinner’s prayer with my daughter and oh my heart is overjoyed.  I told her she has to share the good news. What a blessing? What a day and what a beginning to a new week. God answers another prayer. Gardner and I, thank you Lord.