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1 Kings 2:1-46

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In the above-mentioned scripture, David gave final instructions to Solomon that would ensure success.  At David’s death, Solomon consolidated his power and administration. At the great King David’s death he exhorted his son to obey God, follow him, and be kind to others.  This is the big secret to true success. I’m sure, we can all agree on this.

Successful people are at the right place at the right time to a great extent because they have learned how to take certain action steps in proper sequence. They have learned that scriptural truth, “To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under heaven.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1) They know that everything they desire has appropriate place and time for accomplishment, and toward that end, they set their priorities in certain orders, prepare themselves in certain ways, and refuse to give in to discouragement and failures along the way. Most of the time in the waiting season, it is the opportune time to prepare and be developed. It not just to have our hands folded and twiddling our thumbs. Again, there is a time for that too. Where are you in your season? Are you waiting and getting prepared? Check to see what God is saying through the Holy Spirit.

What about those who are unsuccessful? Be Careful of these Pitfalls

  1. Some fail because they lack dreams or they don’t believe in the possibility of their dreams becoming reality.
  2. Some fail to reach their full potential of a rewarding harvest in life because they have not turned their dreams into specific goals and plans of action for reaching those goals.
  3. Many others fail, however, because they are out of sync with time and place:
    1. They planted or fertilized their goals in the wrong season.
    2. They planted before they fully planned.
    3. The attempted to harvest a goal before it was fully developed.

Such failures arise not from lack of determination or willingness to keep trying but from efforts that are out of proper sequence. The result is that those who fail because of their improper alignment of time and place soon become frustrated. They begin to believe that it’s impossible for them to achieve anything significant, or allow their disappointments to develop into a failure-anticipating mind-set.

Success is for all who is in Jesus

The opportunity for success is yours. Believe it. Regardless of what you experience in your past, the future can hold success for you. If you want a successful life, then all your activities must reflect God’s will.  Today, make God the center of your life. Ask God to show you what successful living means for you.  Then rest easy in God’s peace and his plans.

Scriptures supporting success: Joshua 1:6-8; 2 Samuels 5:12; 1 Chronicles 18:13; Proverbs 3:6; 16:3 and Matthew 6:33-34

(Inspired by Max Lucado writings)


Patience In Prayer

While I was in my devotion and seeking God for the direction for Prayer Works Café and sensing in the spirit that some members were perhaps at the end of the rope, feeling rejected and like God has somehow forgotten their situations, I came upon this article. The night before, I was up very late talking with members from the group and speaking life into various situations that seem dead in the lives. It came to me that everything is possible with God and no matter what our circumstances are we should trust God and persevere in prayer. Hence, I feel the need to share this article with you.

My intension is for you to understand the purpose of preserving in prayer. In prayer there is a certain posture that is delineated in the writer’s comment and I quote “Prayer in its highest form and grandest success assumes the attitude of a wrestler with God” and as praying believers, we should assume this position and preserve. This is powerful. Enjoy!

“God rewards persevering faith. For example, Samuel’s mother Hannah persevered in prayer, and God gave her a son. Faithful to her promise, she gave her son back to God. Without continuance the prayer may go unanswered. Importunity is made up of the ability to hold on, to press on, and to wait with unrelaxed and unrelaxable grasp, restless desire and restful patience. Importunate prayer is not an incident but the main thing, not a performance but a passion, not a need but a necessity.

Prayer in its highest form and grandest success assumes the attitude of a wrestler with God. It is the contest, trial and victory of faith; a victory not secured from an enemy, but from Him who tries our faith that He may enlarge it, who test our strength to make us stronger. Few things give quickened and permanent vigor to the soul as a long exhaustive search of importunate prayer.

It makes an experience, an epoch, a new calendar for the spirit, a new life to religion, a soldierly training. The Bible never wearies in its pressure an illustration of the fact that the highest spiritual good is secured as the return of the out-going of the highest form of spiritual effort. There is neither encouragement nor room in the Bible religion for feeble desires, listless efforts, lazy attitudes; all must be strenuous, urgent, and ardent. Inflamed desires, impassioned, unwearied insistence delight heaven. God would have His children incorrigible in earnest and persistently bold in their efforts. Our seasons of importunate prayer cut themselves, like the print of diamond, into our hardest places, and mark with ineffaceable traces our characters. They are the salient periods of our lives, the memorial stones which endure to which we turn.

Pray and never faint is the motto Christ gives us for praying. It is the test of our faith; and the severer the trial and the longer the waiting, the more glorious the result. How long do you hang on when it comes to praying for a specific need or desire? Do you give up of do you persevere? Try keeping a list of what you pray for and when, and how God answers and when?

Supporting scriptures: Psalm 5:1-3, 40:1, 55:17, 116:2, Luke 11:5-10, 18:1-8, Ephesians 6:18″ (Max Lucado el al)