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An Ambassador for You


Today was actually the first day I could help a client from start to finish.  If you know my story you would probably know I am pretty new to my current location but not new to my position.

Well, I always know that I was in my role for more than what is listed on my job description. Everyday as I venture out I would find out from God what would you have me do today? As I ask I often ask the Holy Spirit to sharpen my spiritual senses so that I do not miss any opportunity to be a blessing and a light.

Mission Field

At times work does not feel like work because I am on the mission field . Yes ,I said it, even at work I am on the mission field.  It not to say I’m always preaching or I’m not approachable; but what it is? It the joy unspeakable and full of glory kind of living.  I know I’m relating to a lot of my readers in this statement. While the demands are pouring in, the goals are escalating by the minute and the one hundredth top priority item is added to the list of ninety nine.  I still can smile and I still can make a difference. Is there any opportunity in similar situation in your life for you to be a witness? How can you glorify God through it all?

I say all of that to say this, today while I was waiting on a client I met in my lobby, I had a Godly encounter.  While asking questions and smiling and talking. I got this strong urge to give the client several compliments and be encouraging. In my spirit I was wondering why? But the answer was not clear until further in the conversation she mentioned something very personal and then started crying. It was a very touching time… There was silence for about a minute… We looked at each other and said nothing…

Salvation is for all John 3:16

At first, I was startled, then I ask if she needed a hug.  I opened my arms and then she nested in my hands like she had found refuge.  I literally felt something left my body and my dear audience I knew the power of God was transferred into her being. She told me this has never happened before because she is from Sudan, and she is from a different religion, where she is not allowed to be as opened.

In my heart I was praying and thanking God for such a precious moment. I know the God that I serve far transcends religion and he’s able to reach and touch any situation. God is awesome and today is a real confirmation that at work I am more than my job description. Through Christ I am helping to shape lives.

How are you making a difference at work, church, school and or home? Journal it and challenge yourself to take further action right away.


Dear God, please remember this precious soul and my request is that she finds you and finds rest.  It is hard being a woman in a lot of other cultures but you can heal any situation and we invite you in to help with your daughter and her children. Amen.


Prayer for Men in the Family

A very close friend is asking us to pray for the men in his family.  The enemy has found a loophole and he’s running with it. However, nothing is impossible for God and this brother is determined to storm heaven to get a breakthrough for his family.

Please help us stand in the gap for this brother and declare that his family be restored to God. We believe and we pronounce upon his generation and the other generations to follow to be Godly.  For the Holy Spirit to start the work now.  Family members be healed spiritual and may their eyes be opened for them to see. We pray that no more will the walk in darkness and stumble around without sight. In Jesus name amen.