Prayer Requests

I am requesting prayer for my friend Lisa, her granddaughter Leah is suffering from a deadly disease. Please pray for strength and courage for the family.


5 thoughts on “Prayer Requests

  1. I have to pay to take my exams which will tells where I go next in life and I need you to keep me in your prayers. The total amount of money for the exams is $19, 210 JMD and i really don’t know where the first sent is coming from but I believe God is going to provide. Keep me in your prayers please and thank you.

  2. Thank you all for your prayers – We were very surprised that we received an email from the attorney last night and that they were willing to negotiate. We settled the terms today and do not have to go to court. We are now praying that God would light the path of our future as we have 3 months to either buy the property or find a new home for our family. We are very thankful and know God was in control of this outcome and our hearts truly desire His will for our future. I guess I feel a sense of letting go of this tight grip of control as this life I live is His anyway or we are just fooling ourselves. Yet, even then, He has been merciful and patient. It takes so much pressure off of my shoulders to think of my life as His vs. the striving for a good outcome. This situation my family is in has truly had me take stock of how this striving can sometimes be a tricky thing. Just because something is good in my eyes does not mean that it is the Lord’s will. It could actually could be the exact opposite of the Lord’s will.

    • Thanks so much for the testimony. We have been praying for you and it’s great to know that God showed up and showed out.

      Praise God, I pray that his will for you and your family will be clear. I will share with the group tomorrow on the prayer conference line.

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