Celebrating in Style

Dec 22 – Jan 22

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For all your special events (weddings , renewal of vows, birthday parties , graduations , christenings, office parties , retirement parties , showers, etc) contact PWEOM at 215-817-6240 or visit us at www.prayerworkscafe.com. We take care of everything. We are a one stop shop for all your event. All you have to do is show up.

PWEOM is a nonprofit organization that helps with creating celebrity moments on a budget. We help small start up businesses in the creative arts field to launch and get the practice and the experience needed for future. Call for your next event and let us know how we can help. Use promo code PWEOM10


Final Feeding in Camden for 2016

Feeding today was truly a blessing. Many thanks to all the donors and volunteers.

We had Eggs, Bread, Brownies, Honey Buns, Sausages, Orange Juice, Hawaiian Punch, Strawberry and Kiwi Juice and Coffee. etc. Many ate was was full. We had winter clothes for all who had a need.

It was extremely cold however, the volunteers were great troupers. Again many thanks for making serving possible in Camden NJ.

Our next feeding session will be January 8, 2017. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

The Church on the Street

Thanks for your prayers. Ministering went well in Camden today. We fed over eighty people. Connecting Heart with Arts ministered powerful through praise dance. The word from Faith White was rich for the soul.

Father, God we thank you for your kindness toward us. Please raise up Hope in your people in Camden and other cities like Camden. Please remember sister Hope as she is seeking your face. Bless over Ashley and keep her mind in perfect peace.

Jesus we thank you for all our volunteers and all our donors. Provide for them in a mighty and meaningful way. Keep us in your love and help us to remain in love. http://www.prayerworkscafe.com.

Taking the Church to the Streets…

Hello team, PWEOM has great news. We are taking the gospel to a street near you. Please help us pray about the Street Ministry for Camden NJ, Center City in Philadelphia, Guinea, Africa and the mission trip to Los Angeles, CA.
Come join us at the CVS on MLK Boulevard for Breakfast, Sunday School and Church on the Street, featuring PWEOM and Connecting Hearts with Arts.

Let us know how you would like to help. Visit us at http://www.prayerworkscafe.com/Street.htm and complete the volunteer form.

Remain in love.

PWEOM Street Team

Hello team, PWEOM has great news. Please help us pray about the Street Ministry for Camden NJ and the mission trip to Los Angeles, CA.​
Feeding in Camden, NJ resume Sunday July 24, 2016. Breakfast is sponsored by Wawa through Food Donation Connection.

Let us know how you would like to help in both. Visit us at http://www.prayerworkscafe.com/Street.htm and complete the volunteer form.

Remain in love.

Today’s Good News

Depend on God with every part of your life, and he will give you success. Those who obey must actively explore Gods Word. When we do so, he will guide, protect, and comfort us.
Is your life like a hotel, with certain rooms marked “Do not disturbed”? Open one of those rooms to God today. If you are a leader in by profession, give your leadership to God. If you are an accountant give your work to God. If you are a musician give you practice to God. No matter what your role in life is or your occupation, live every aspect of your life to honor God.

Remain in love. Today’s message is inspired by Proverbs 3:1:6.


Hello Team:Here’s a quick reminder for us today. Sincere worship to God must have substance, integrity, and purity. God will uncover and rebuke sin especially when it’s unacknowledged or when we minimize it. Confession to God is good for our souls.

Are you a person of integrity? How do you work without supervision? Do you work harder if your boss is around? Do you cut corners you know your supervisor/superior will never notice? Work for your employers as you would for Jesus Christ. Work hard with or without supervision.

Inspired by Jeremiah Chapter 7.