Current Prayer List

Current Prayer List

James 5:16 — Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that ye may be healed. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much.

Men are always to pray

 Pray for our PWEOM Head Office

Pray for Sister Kathryn’s father, he’s severely ill

 Pray for Valrie and family, her son has a court case and needs a job
 Pray for Charlotte Bode and Wayne

 Daryl request prayer for his heart and Kidney Issue
 Pray for Brenda, she has lungs issues
 Pray for ten-year-old Janaya, she has emotional issues
 Pray for Newlands Foursquare Young people group and their leaders
 Please pray for Chantel, she needs to go to college
 Please pray for Demario, he was recently held up by gunmen and is affected
 Continue to pray for sister Ruby regarding a job
 Please pray for Kenya and her family
 Pray for Pauletta, she needs to relocate
 Continue to pray for Jean’s health
 Pray for sister Audrey’s family and her friends son
 Pray for those who are studying in our midst
 Pray for Sister Maraine and family
 Pray for Sister Coley’s health
 Pray for protection of all of our members and families as we enter this new season (Psalm 91)
 Prayer for protection and restoration of marriages and families
 Prayer for the growth in the finances of our members
 Prayer for all pastors that they be uncompromisingly committed to teaching the word of God
 Prayer that our members seek the Lord’s will, both corporately and individually
 Prayer that we as members hear and obey the Lord’s voice and direction
 Prayer for our children that they grab onto Jesus and not let go
 Prayer for Sister Vida and her family
 Pray for the health of Sasha, Debra’s daughter, Yemi’s sister
 Pray for Brett father’s heart
 Pray for Clement and his family
 Pray for favor for Trent & Joslyn as Trent applies for a worship pastor position
 Pray for Debra S. for wisdom & direction in her case
 Pray for Candice and family, she is struggling with addiction
 Pray for sister Jackie’s health
 Pray for sister Patricia’s daughter
 Pray for the health of Maureen and Zachary
 Pray for Grandma Eula
 Pray for Kevin Forde for salvation
 Pray for Sister Jackie’s niece, she has kidney issues
 Pray for the Vujic family
 Pray for a breakthrough in Jacqueline’s finances
 Kimberly requesting prayer for a personal situation
 Marlene is urgently requesting prayer for her family.
 Kim is asking for prayer for her family
 Rosalee is asking for prayer, she needs a job
 Please pray for the Palmer’s family. They are going through a rough time
 Pray that Yemi find a Godly man, local to him as a spiritual mentor
 Pray for Kevin and family as they seek God for direction
 Gardner needs prayer regarding a personal matter
 Yemi and Jennifer needing prayer for the restoration of their marriage
 Pablo and Candy needing prayer for the restoration of their marriage
 Luke and Chelle needing prayer for the restoration of their marriage
 Aaron and Crystal needing prayer for the restoration of their marriage
 Michael and Debra needing prayer for the restoration of their marriage
 Joe and Terri needing prayer for the restoration of their marriage
 Dan and Esmeralda needing prayer for the restoration of their marriage
 Prayer for the protection of Yemi’s children, physically, spiritually and emotionally
 Prayer for Chelle, Luke’s wife, that she has a Damascus Road experience
 Michelle is asking for prayer as she goes through a trying situation
 Diana is requesting prayer for her health situation
 Alexia is requesting prayer for her studies
 Pray for Stacy’s health
 Stacy’s mother is recovering from surgery please keep her in prayer
 Pray for Asden as he recoups from operation
 Naudia has an unspoken request
 Please pray for the salvation of: Camoy, the Fray family, Keith, Melissa, Nickalia, Marcy, Joe, Sarah, Antoinette, Kirk, Wayne & Lavern, Karen, Robert, Jeremiah, Mark, Joel, Amos, Christopher, Michael, Roberto, Kenya, Donna and family
 Prayer for Damion and his family
 Pray for Paulette for wisdom and strength
 Pray for the homeless in Camden, New York and Philadelphia
 Pray for our children that God will protect them from danger and keep their minds in perfect peace
 Jeraldine is asking for prayer for her family
 Chups Williams son is in jail, the family needs prayer
 Prayer for the Ross family
 Pray for Pastor Tim and the Ardmore United Methodist Church
 Debra is asking for prayer for her family and her job
 Yvette is asking for prayer for her family
 Pray for John’s family, for their salvation
 Sheryl and Andrew requesting prayer for their marriage and ministry
 Pray for Michael to walk and be in the will of God in school
 Rene is requesting prayer for her family
 Viris needs prayer for her daughter Tiana
 Sister Lola requesting prayer for her family
 Pray for Bob’s family to give their life to Jesus
 Sister Georgia requesting prayer for her daughter, her sister and her son-in-law
 Pray for Miss Eula’s family and her grandson
 Pray for Sheryl and Michael to be closer drawn to Jesus
 Pray for Sammoya and Abigail’s studies
 Michelle and Rich’s family, pray for their salvation and marriage
 Please pray for Community Holiness Church in PA, prayer for Pastor Gale and wife
 Pray for the growth of the group and for wisdom as new leaders are being developed
 Prayer for blessings over our members’ employers and businesses
 Pray for an open mindedness among us as we continue to seek God for our purpose within the group
 Pray for God to rise up Godly men to support the ministry
 Pray for our President and his administration


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