God is Real 

Prayer Meeting this morning was a real blessing. It was great having my cousin Crystal and Andrea on.  
Nobody cannot tell me that God is not real. We have been believing God with a sister that had an impossible situation in her life. There was no hope in the situation but we still believed that God could and guess what He changed the situation completely. Hallelujah!!!

My faith in God has reached a pinnacle in the months September – October. I have seen where God put back broken marriages together, raised the dead, restored love in a divorced wife’s heart for her husband, provided jobs in miraculous ways, opened eyes to His truth, taught us to fight through prayer and fasting, and many more miracles, God revealed himself in seconds of asking him for help.

God is real. Since December of last year the devil had tried everything for me to curse God and die. The Spirit of doubt which works with the Leviathan and Python Spirits came in and caused me to even question the very existence of God but through it all God increased my faith and revealed himself to me in every storm.

Thank you God for the prayer line. It was a lifeline for me.

Please dial (641) 715-3836 with passcode 532238#. Hope to see you at 5:00am weekdays.


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