Jaiden Rae, A Young Entrepreneur at age 6…Prophesy Fulfilled

We prayed and prophesied over my child that she will be an inventor of Godly things, and that she along with the other children in our lineage would be God centered and lead changes in their time… They would be a mighty blessing to everyone they come in contact with etc…

Well, we continue to pray this prayer over Jaiden Rae and the other children. About 3 days ago she came to me and said mom for your next event I need to sell something for children and need a table. I noticed she was thinking and thinking and thinking. She was very serious!!!

My question to her was, what would you like to sell? She mentioned, “I want to be original, so mom allow me to talk with a few of my males friends and girl friends to see what they would like to buy at a bridal expo”.

I said in the meantime, let me know what will be the name of your company and what do you want for your logo? Jaiden Rae talked with her aunts, her cousins, her fiends and anyone that could listen to get ideas on what to sell.

It came full circle, after our devotion today May 25, 2015. Jaiden Rae went into her room to finish her quite time. She came out with a logo, a name for her company and the items she will be selling at the event for children who participate in wedding.

My partner is busy working on her design and also is so very supportive as she helps to mentor Jaiden Rae in developing her creative skills…Our hearts are overjoyed, while we are registering her company with the State of New Jersey and working behind the scenes to help her make this a reality…

3 thoughts on “Jaiden Rae, A Young Entrepreneur at age 6…Prophesy Fulfilled

  1. That is so exciting, I can’t wait to see the products! God Bless each item that is finely created for a purpose to bless others and reveal Jesus in their hearts. Amen.

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