Who are you on Social Media and what do you represent?

Tip #3
Who are you on Social Media and what do you represent?

This needs to be clear!

Use a visible picture of you in the profile picture section to represent you on Facebook.

Use the Cover Picture for everything else. (Cats, dogs, flowers, symbols, babies, food etc)

Chose one picture and use it. Be consistent and do not create confusion for your audience/followers. Use the same picture for Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube etc.

You cannot be a dog today, a baby tomorrow and a symbol another day and then a plate of food for next week and faceless next month.

You must make up your mind and find one picture that you like and use it to represent you.

If someone is looking for you and you have a common name like Debbie Miller-Curtis . Make it easy for them to find you and follow you on any of the social media channels by using a picture that is clear and represents you.

If you have questions please inbox me and I will be more than happy to help…

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