What is going on with Prayer Works Lately?

Welcome back to sisters Debbie and Faith (our leaders). They visited the Caribbean Island Jamaica in April. The trip was to do God’s work through this ministry.



Much was accomplished!

Praise God!

Here’s some of what the Lord got done through our leaders:-
(i) About 20 Jamaican families received clothing and financial help.

(ii) We did a one bedroom home construction project (it was completed).

(iii)Our ministry provided much needed kitchen supplies to one family.

(iv) We cooked and served over 100 people in Clarendon, Saint Mary and Saint Catherine, every week for 3 weeks.

(v) We provided spiritual coaching to young adults and teenagers.

(vi) One person re-committed his life to Christ. Many received spiritual healing.

(vii)On a personal note, Debbie and her mother (sister Faith) met the personal needs of an uncle they love dearly.

That was some type of trip.


Thank you Lord!

Let us pray that we can do more in the USA and elsewhere with God’s help. We encourage everyone to be an active participant as we accept charitable support (as a non-profit ministry) for local services in the USA.



Many of us already know we do a lot in the City of Camden, New Jersey.

Visit our website at http://www.prayerworkscafe.com and check out our blog at http://www.prayerworkscafe.org as well.

May God continue to Bless us as we serve Him.

P.S. Don’t forget our grand launch & office opening ceremony coming up in June !!

Stay tuned !!

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