The Lord Saves

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It was another day of feeding in Camden, New Jersey and although it was pouring rain, it did not deter us from ministering as usual.

As we gathered, the crowd was thin and the rain kept pouring. By the time we completed setting up the multitude was ready to eat.

We thanked God!

As you can imagine, they were famished because it was raining for two days and no one had been out to feed because the weather did not permit.

The timing was right and we had an opportunity to pray before we went into sharing. We got help and suggestions from the crowd, for the best place to set up. They were receptive during prayer.

Again, we thanked God!

Somehow, things seemed different. People were coherent and seemed to be in a positive mood. We had a few persons come up for hugs and they even kissed us.

That was very different, I am sure you can imagine!
The one that made an indelible impression was Kenya. Kenya was normally dressed in layers and layers of clothing, from his head to his toes because he is truly homeless. Today, he was dressed differently in fewer layers of clothing and he was smiling from ear to ear. Kenya mentioned, “He admired the fact we are always so patient with him and that we are consistent in coming” and he thanked God.

This touched our hearts…


Because, Kenya never seemed to be coherent. He always seemed to be in another world. We thanked God for the encouraging words from him and thanked God that he was talking and sharing his name in a manner, we could understand.

Soon, the feeding was over and it was time to bond some more.

Kenya walked over and asked if we could help him meet Christ.

This was a profound and defining moment for us. We prayed the sinners’ prayer and he asked for help with the Lord’s Prayer.

The day ended on a great high! We had our first soul saved in Camden, New Jersey.

Lord, we thank you.

We thank “A Bite A Yaad” for preparing breakfast for the Street Ministry in Camden.

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