Exercising Self-control over your Tongue

Proverbs 25:1-28

In this Chapter Solomon encouraged us to be wise and careful in our conversations. Learning to control our tongue is an important step in self-control.


The tongue- what a study in contrast!

To the physician it is merely a two-ounce slab of mucous membrane enclosing a complex array of muscles and nerves that enable our bodies to chew, taste, and swallow.

How helpful!

Equally important it is the major organ of communication that enables us to articulate distinct sounds so we can understand each other.

How essential!

However the tongue is as volatile as it is vital. It was Washington Irving who first said, “A sharpe tongue is the only edge tool that grows keener with constant use.”

It was James, the half brother of Jesus, who first warned: The tongue is like fire…a restless evil full of deadly poison (James 3:6-8). Verbally cyanide. A lethal, restless, flaming missile which assault with hellish power, blistering and destroying at will,

Yet, it does not look anything like the brutal beast it is. It is neatly hidden behind ivory palace gates, it’s movements are an intriguing study of coordination. The tongue can curl itself either into a cheery whistle or manipulate a lazy afternoon yarn. With no difficulty it can flick a husk of popcorn from between two jaw teeth and hold a thermometer just so. Note the tongue can be extremely tricky! It can help you enjoy the flavor of a stick peppermint as it switches from side to side without once getting nipped. Moment later the tongue can follow the directions of a trumpeter, allowing him to play, “Flight of the Bumble Bee” without a single miscue.

On the other hand, watch out! Let your thumb get smashed with a hammer or your toe get clobbered on a chair and that slippery creature in your mouth will suddenly play the flip side of its nature.

Not only is the tongue untamed, it is untamable!

Meaning what?

Meaning as long as you live it will never gain control of itself. It defies being tamed.


What can tame Flicker and Trigger and Shamu and Lassie …. but the tongue? Impossible to train!

….It takes… a tight, conscious muzzle on the muscle in your mouth. Harnessing such a wily creature requires a determined mindset… It is a project you have put off long enough. (From Growing Strong in the Season by Charles Swindoll)


Have words ever popped out of your mouth before you thought about them?

Think before you respond.

Never just blurt out answer.

Do not insult someone or carelessly criticize.

Never be sarcastic and be careful how you tease.

Explore these scriptures to and see how it can help you change:

Psalms 34:13; Proverbs 10:19; 21:23; Galatians 5:22-23; James 1:26; 3:5-10; and 2 Peter 1:5-7


Dear Lord Jesus, please help me to control my tongue. Help me to think before I speak. May the fruits of the spirit be evident in my life. Thank you for hearing my prayer and please forgive me of all my sins as I confess them to you. Amen!

“Inspired by Max Lucado, The Devotional Bible”

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