A Good Name

Proverbs 22:1 (NCV)”Being respected is more important than having great riches. To be well thought of is better than silver and gold.”


What are some of your goals for the next five years?  If you haven’t done a five-year goal now is the right time to get one done.

Do your goals promise human recognition or a life that is faithful to God?

Remember that a good respected name does not always mean one of status, but rather one of statue and accomplishment for God.

Perhaps today you are struggling with an idea that God has given you to cast your nest on the other side. However, because you have been fishing all night without a caught you are procrastinating.

You are maybe thinking, it is not a great enough idea, what if the idea will bear no fruit, my net is not big enough, I don’t have enough help, I am truly scared.

Yes, you are maybe truly scared and all the above is probably true, but I am here to encourage you to pull up your sleeves and dive right in if the idea is to help build the kingdom of  God.

Every great company, plan, church, great accomplishment starts with an idea and someone with courage to spring into action and do.

Come on, I dear you to spring into action with your idea, create an action plan and remember to consult with the Holy Spirit every step of the way. Choose your talents wisely.

Your Heavenly Father, knows what you need and I can assure you help is on the way.

Father, I thank you for the ability to create wealth for myself and for the ability to help build the kingdom. Thank you for entrepreneurial skills. Help me to be confident in you and to trust you with the ideas you have placed within me.

I don’t have all the answers and the plan is not altogether clear but one thing I know your plan will never harm me. I give you my all and I leave the outcome to you.

Show me you glory and thank you for favor. Amen!

Scriptures to further explore:
1 Samuel 18:30; Ecclesiastes 7:1; Acts 6:3; 10:22; 16:2; 22:12; 2 Corinthians 8:18 and 3 John 1:12

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