Follow The Lord

Proverb Chapter 5-6

Application of the text on the lies of the world relating to sexual pleasures or sin.

“We cannot stand firm against the lies of the world unless we are firmly grounded in Christ.

Be diligent to read God’s Word, and pray often.

Promise yourself to pray at three different times today.” By Max Lucado

Supporting scriptures on the topic Follow The Lord:

Deuteronomy 4:30
Psalm 111:10
Proverbs 8
Luke 9:35
Revelation 3:20

The world promises a lot of comfort to sin that leads to destruction.

God is standing at your heart door knocking, if you decide to open your heart and let him in, He will come in and dine with you.

That quiet dining can lead to eternal peace, rest.

Choose Jesus, choose life eternal!

Choose sin, choose eternal death!

You have the power to choose life.

Father I pray that you will come into my heart and heal me from the disease of sin.

I want to choose you today. Please forgive me of my sins. Amen!!!

If you read this article and repeated the prayer and asked God to come into your heart. Congratulation, you are now saved from sin! You are a child of God.

Please take up the phone and dial Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries at 856-433-8104 for the next steps in your walk with The Lord.

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