Prayer over my Friends’ Lives by Christ’s Kingdom Representative

This morning the Father would like to encourage you with his word that says, “You are blessed and highly favored” created in his image to be a chosen generation and a peculiar people!

Prayers for my online friendsGoogle Image

Father I pray over my friends and speak life into every dead situation that they face, and Just like you asked your son if the dry bones could live, you want my friends to know that everything that looks dead in their lives can still live through your resurrection power that still works today!

Father your promises over our lives has always been yeah and Amen. Yeah and Amen to what looks out of our reach, yeah and Amen to what looks dead, yeah and Amen to what is impossible for us but not for you, yeah and Amen to what, we are still waiting on but you will manifest it at the appointed time!

Father, thank you that we are co-heirs with Christ and a royal priesthood; set apart to reign with you now this second and when your kingdom comes.

Father you have created each of us with the unlimited potential to express your glory for your glory. You have placed within us the Holy Spirit who teaches all things and leads us into all truth so we can complete our assignments and do the greater works right now, today that our savior Jesus spoke of.

Father, shake up anyone who has lost sight of the immense power that you have given them to change the nations, communities, workplaces, ministries, families and situations.

If Jesus heeled the sick, delivered the demon possessed, raised the dead, brought about revival, and walked in miracles signs and wonders then so shall we because his life was an example and a blueprint to follow and observe.

Father help my friends to break out of the box of any limitation that has been placed upon them by themselves or this world so that they can walk as Jesus walked and be a sign and a wonder in this generation and be about their Fathers business!

Father, I Decree and Declare, that my friends will walk at greater levels in the supernatural right where they stand as they read this, give them a kingdom perspective in terms of your dynamos power.

Let them have a real experience of your shekinah glory that will change them and perfect them causing a domino effect in their families, their workplaces, their communities, in their ministries and bring salvation to the ones assigned to their lives to be saved!

The Father wants you to know today my friends that He loves you with an everlasting love that goes far deeper then you could ever understand right now, you are his blessed creation who He desires more than anything to have intimate fellowship with.

Father we give you the praise and we certainly give you all the glory today, we love you and exalt your holy name and I pray this prayer in the mighty name of the savior Jesus (Yeshua) Amen (Shalom)

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