Please help us pray

Our prayer meeting was a blessing this morning.  Andrea led the worship and God used her to speak to our hearts.

The essence of her message was in every situation that we are in God allows it for his glory.

Main point

He wants us to be more like him and therefore struggles, mishaps and unfortunate situations along with great and pleasant ones, are all part of the master’s plan.

His perfect will for our lives.

 Men are always to pray

Prayer list

Claudia and family

Nadine and family

Shaunette and family

Sheryl and family

Debbie and family

Sharonda and family

Karen and family

Gardner and family

Yemi and family

Lola and family

Jennifer and family

Tinia and family

Naudia and family

Carol and family

Andrew and family

Analice and family

Damion and family

Tracy and family

Tamara and family

Viris and family

Wayne and family

Paulette and family

Michelle and family

Richard and family

Stacy and family

Keith and family

Kim and family

Tim and family

Martin and family

Mellisa and family

Andrea and family

Trudy and family

Thanks to all the supportive members. God is surely broadening our territories.  We thank him for the increase.

We look for to seeing you tomorrow where Faith will lead.  Come with praise and be expecting a mighty shifting in your life.

Prayer changes the way you see God in your current situation.

God wants to hear from you today!!!

Keep the conversations going!

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