Prayer List for January 21, 2013

Are you looking for “the why” you were created for today? Are you searching for things to do in the Kingdom of God? Maybe you are waiting to hear God says this is it. Do you still have questions about how ready are you?

Well, whatever the doubt or the question is; the message for today is clear.  Look no further, doubt no more “use what is in your hands”.

use what is in your hands

use what is in your hands

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Do not wait until you, get a million dollars, get a better job, fix the situation, get married or even have children etc. Today is what we have, let’s seize the moment, asses the need and do what God lays on your heart.

It is the day to act and be available for service.

Perhaps it is, an encouraging word, a smile, a hug, saying good morning, a positive eye contact, sharing what you have, or just praying for someone else outside of your family and friends.

You can start by helping us with the list below, please help us pray for these lives:

Tommy and family

Debbie’s family and employees

Paulette family and job situation

Yvonne, doing surgery in two weeks

Miller rushed to the hospital

Harmoni’s ear

Daniel’s stomach

Sheila and family

The Reid family

The City of Philadelphia

The City of Camden

The Ogunbase family

The Davis family

The Ross family

The Miller family

The Green family

The White family

The Curtis family

The Campbell family

The Harrison family

The smith family

Our local churches

The City of Voorhees


The entire request for prayers that comes through each electronic media, Facebook, email, Twitter, Word Press, the prayer Conference Line, Toll free number and through the cell phones.


4 thoughts on “Prayer List for January 21, 2013

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