Purpose Filled Day

Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”


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Today I got up, we had prayer meeting at 5:00 am, and before you know it, I wrote an article called “Knowing God speaks. I knew before the day starts that the day was going to be interesting and great things were going to happen.

Visitor on the prayer line

I knew there was someone different on the conference call. After prayer, I called the unfamiliar number to introduce myself, only to find out that it was Stacy Reid.  We have prayed for her since the inception of the group.  It was a true encouragement.  We spoke briefly and then we went off to our separate world.

Talking with Stacy in person confirms that God does answer prayers.

Doing little things that counts

Jaiden Rae was eager to get to school.  It was her special day to have “her mommy” reads to her and her school friend. However, what is most important is to have her mommy drops and picks her from school. We teach Jaiden Rae that God works upon the desires of her and that she should communicate her needs to the Lord.

Therefore, you know when today happen she knows that God answers prayer.  That is a blessing because from an early age she knows that prayer works and she can identify when it works.

Reading to her and her classmates was a true miracle. It is funny how God can show himself through the simplest of things like reading to a group of four years old.

Glory in everything

As that was over it was business as usual and time to be at the dentist.  Going to the dentist is not a walk in the park for me. Therefore, I have to be prayed up. I was early for a change. You can imagine I could not cancel the appointment anymore without a charge.

As I sat in the waiting area I heard Debbie, I look up and it was a man. I acted normal but inside I want to scream. A man, for my hygienist, I do not think so. Please forgive me for being sexist. However, as started to relax and give the young man a chance the Holy Spirit showed me my purpose.

I was there to pray for the young man and to pray for my Dental Office. It was a pleasant visit and I thank God that I was able to use going to the dentist as a place to do His work and to be in purpose.

I got home right after the dentist and even though it is not the regular practice for me to answer the ministry phone and to check the messages in the day, due to the fact that, I would be at work.

Today I did the opposite. I recognized a cell phone called from New York.

You can image, coming from the dentist all numbed from the medication. My lips heavy and my speech slurred but I was compelled to call. It was Miss Smith and her heart was heavy and she begun to cry and talk.

At the end, I learnt she found the number while searching for prayer on the internet.  This was not the only number she found. She also found a number to a physic person. When I returned the call, and was praying with her, she mentioned after the prayer that I intercepted a call she had made to a physic for help.

When we walk in spirit, we allow God to use us in everything we do or say. The day is not over.  I am sure he has more to reveal.

Thank you Father for showing up and revealing “You” in everything that happens.  Help us please to walk uprightly and to be aligned with your will.

What a God?

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