Knowing God Speaks

2 Chronicles 7:15 “Now my eyes shall be open, and my ears attentive unto the prayer that is made in this place.”

It is so important to be in purpose as a child of God and to know God’s voice.  In this world of leadership, everyone will come with what God said and what he did not say. Moreover, if you do not know What He’s saying then you will become confused.

God Speaks

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I was talking with another leader the other day and she mentioned, “Many people has prophesied over my life and today I don’t think I can deal with anyone else prophesying over my life.”


The prophesies are far from the truth that God has for her.

This brings me to the place of asking the question do we frequently hear from God.

How does he speak?

In addition, what do we do when He is not speaking?

All the above happen at different stages of our walk in the Lord. Sometimes we hear him on a regular basis. Other times He is silent or he is speaking through unfamiliar medium and channels.

Therefore, if we are looking for him to be in a bond fire we might miss him in the tiny spark. We might be looking for a mighty roar and miss the still small voice.

As Christians, we need to develop a healthy walk with the Lord and this walk is one where we are spending quality time in his presence. This includes reading the word, listening, fasting, and praying, but not excludes other Godly practices that the Holy Spirit will reveal as the relationship grows and gets deeper.

Holy Spirit

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When we do this, we hear him clearly and he speaks softly. He will create moments for us to become familiar with his voice in small and big things.  So for example He will say go right and then doubt creeps in and one goes left. In the wrong turn, His voice will say I say right (training). On the other hand, he will show a situation and say speak this or pray this and if one is not quick then he will ask someone else and then there is a reminder that “God” has spoken.

In my opinion, I think he does this for us not to doubt when he speak and for us to act swiftly in the spirit. Another thing is that God is always speaking and when he is not he has already spoken and the answer remains the same. In that moment, he teaches patience and gives rest while we wait.

If our relationship with him is shaky and we are not in fellowship with him then it will become frustrating for us to be hearing others say God said, this or that.

It is easy to hear from God but it takes discipline to form the right behaviors to be in a place to hear and to move past the noise. God is looking for us to have a relationship with him.  He is looking to commune with man like in the olden days. He wants to speak but most of the time we are doing all the speaking.

What is getting in the way of us hearing God?

There is a “peace” about when he speaks and when we walk in obedience. God will use people to speak to you but he wants to speak directly to you too. Be proactive about the kind of life you want to live for Jesus.

Someone encouraged me a few years ago to start reading my bible regularly, create a time and a specific place where I meet the Lord daily. Replace ungodly behaviors with godly behaviors, find a mentor to hold your hand as your grow.

Now it is my time to pass it on… I urge you today to do the same. God is waiting to talk with you and more so to share secrets with you.


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