Appreciating all Things

1 Thessalonians 5:18 “In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you”.

Appreciating all things

Appreciating all things

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Today is different.  I started my day with prayer as usual and did my regular chores for the day.  What is remarkable is that I am off from work and I am able to take my daughter to school.

It seemed perfect! Just the way I have always wanted it.  My husband got up, got showered and dressed for work and came out to my prayer den with a wide smile and holding Jaiden Rae in his hand.  We all kissed and hugged and my heart was overjoyed.

Just as I know, it could be.  It took eight year for us to be there and I will enjoy every moment of it. Eight long years for me, to finally submit, and for me to give it all to Christ.  Eight long years for me to rid myself of every ounce of bitterness and un-forgiveness and eight year, to start all over from the beginning, wiping the slate clean.

The last days were hard because I was always holding on to something else that I thought I was entitled to. Today I am enjoying the fruits of hard work and grace and mercy, letting go and let God.

I dropped my daughter off to school and I watched her play; as I handed the paperwork over to the teacher and say my New Year’s greeting. There is a peace that comes with watching my child finding her way and knowing her place in the world.

For years, we have prayed for Jaiden Rae to be bold and today again we are seeing just that.  Father I thank you for the small benefits of life.

One of the teachers mentioned I could take a group and read stories to them.  I did it and it was an experience for me to read to my daughter and friends at her school.  We hugged, we kissed and then it was time to leave. I called Gardner and shared the great news with him.  He was delighted.

My Prayer

Dear God, I thank you for the big and small things in my life.  Thanks you that I was able to get the day off from work to take my child in to school. I am grateful for all that, you have done. Please help me to see how much you love and care for me.  I give you back today; help me to walk in your will and to appreciate all things. Amen!

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