Jesus Answered “She is not Dead, but Sleeping By Trudy Ann Ross

Last night when I was low in spirit a friend of mine posted a blog she saw on YouTube on Facebook …it blessed me so much that I had to pass it along this morning.

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I want you to remember the story in Mark 5– 23- 43. Its the story I know a lot of you have heard so many times and I know most of you might say “yes I know its the story of the woman with the issue of blood!”
This morning however I’m going to direct you to the other part of the story (bear with me here) Here’s my question, have you ever prayed and it feels like its taking for every to get an answer?
Think for a second about the parents who were earnestly waiting on Jesus to arrived to heal their daughter, guess what happened he was stopped on the way there as the prayer of that family interceded on the behalf of the lady with the issue of blood. You notice she didn’t present herself before him she only touched his coat tail (that to me doesn’t sound like someone that summoned
Jesus) getting back to what I really want to get out… remember the little girl died?? Now how many of you have given up on what you have been praying for and asking God for??
How many times have you said to yourself that dream is dead I’m giving up…Now here is where my eyes popped open, it was at these word Jesus said to the parents when he arrived and was told “never mind shes already died” He said NO THE CHILD IS SLEEPING SHE IS NOT DEAD! I know he must have gotten some crazy looks, Now we all know what he did next don’t we!
You see, sometimes we need to just allow God to do his thing IN HIS TIME, he’s aligning all that he needs to so when he does it is the perfect time. Our situation right now my friends they are simply resting not dead to our God. But while we wait continue to pray we still have a lot of interceding to do! Be Blessed my friends enjoy your day!

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