Creation by John Hemphill

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Ladies and Gents, for the last 7 weeks we spoke of the 7 days of creations and talked about how each day saw events take place that affect each of us daily. Today is the last day that we will cover the creation because we will talk about the 7th or Sabbath Day.
The way that the creation took place is that it began on a Sunday or the 1st day of the week and now it has come to a conclusion on the 7th day of the week which is Saturday. To be technical the Sabbath actually starts on sundown on Friday and ends on sundown on Saturday; so that evening and the morning is the 7th Day.

Well, for those who can not go to church because of work or for those who are looking for a good word let us see what the Lord said about the Sabbath.
Genesis 2:1-3 “Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them. And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the seventh day from all His work which He had made. And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made.”
Ladies and Gents this is an amazing verse; first it tells us that God had created all things within a week. There are some who look at the marvels of the world; the mountains and vast oceans and they can not comprehend a God who can make all of what we see in the universe within one week; however it is the universe; or uni verse; it is all created and contained in one verse or one sentence; started at, “Let there be light.”
To not understand that God could create the entire universe in one week brings certain problems; first it assumes that God is limited to our power and understanding; He is an all powerful God, He can move and operate in different dimensions that we can’t see or understand. Secondly, to not believe that God can make the universe in one week means that not only do we think God is limited to our understanding but he are saying that God can not operate beyond the borders of our imagination; and really it is a sense of pride because we are then assuming that all the knowledge of the universe is contained in us and no one can have the power of force to go beyond us.
But God is not limited to you or to me and He can make a universe in seven day. Just like the people of the 19th century couldn’t understand the DNA code we find we can not understand how God does what He does.
On the seventh day the Lord rested from His works; for those who are not Christians but may be of another faith simply listening and looking in I welcome you and in the process let me explain this concept of how an all powerful God who doesn’t get tired yet can rest. For the sake of modern English one would say that God ended His works as a meaning or definition to say that God rested but that is not really conveying the truth of the message.
The word, “Stop,” means that an outside person is imploring you, commanding you or begging you to stop a particular action. Let me give you an example; if a person is on drugs then their family may implore them to stop using drugs because it does harm to them; if a person is driving them the stop sign commands them to stop by a higher authority than the normal person; and if a person is being tickled then they may beg you to stop because its said out of desperation.
But with the Lord no one can command Him because He is the ultimate authority; no one can implore of Him because He knows what’s best so no one implores Him to stop; no one can beg Him to stop creating because He is sovereign and He does what He wants to do so God doesn’t really stop the creation on the seventh day as much as He chooses to cease creating by the will of His choosing.
But what we must also remember is that God sanctified the Sabbath; this means that He set this day apart as special; what he can say is that God really makes the first Holiday. Holiday is a compound that is made up of two Old English words; Holi which means holy, and Day which is a 24 hour day. So the word holiday means holy day. As a result of the meaning of holiday we have to say that God makes the first holiday in the Sabbath or Saturday; because He sets it apart as being holy, He blesses it and He sanctifies it.
Just think every week God is saying to each of us, “take a break,” “let your body rest,” “don’t burn yourself out,” because God cares enough about you to say that we need a break and to not overwork ourselves but to at least take a day off once a week and we see it because God sanctifies the Sabbath or Saturday.
Ladies and Gents, everything we see in the creation is made by God as He thought about you, as He took the time to make a world that sustains you and keeps you growing and maintained. There is nothing that God has done in creation that is against our good; but it tells of the details of His love for you. As you wake up or go to bed, look at the sunset or take in tea at dawn never forget that the same God who has set laws to guide us, came here to redeem us at the cross, is also the same God commands us to obey Him because He loves us and is detailed in that love to cultivate is and bring us up as tender plants. Life is fragile; so it takes a detailed love to grow us and God gives that.

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