Keep Your Eyes on Jesus

In our journey on this narrow road we will come across road blocks in many different shapes and colors. Let us be encouraged that Jesus has already gone before us and made the crooked path straight. Thus what we see before us is nothing but a camouflage. However, if we take our eyes off Jesus for a second and lose our foot hole, let us not worry but look up to the hill (Jesus Christ) from where our help comes from. And don’t even worry about the few minutes we think we lost during that time we took our eyes off Him. As one writer puts it “time as we know it, presents no boundaries to the One who created it”, just continue where you left off, smile!

Let us continue to encourage each other on this journey and we pray that God will bring to our remembrance always that we are our brother’s keeper. Let us continue to pray for each other around the globe, seek God and pursue Him and have Him direct us as to how we should pray and for whom.

And let us not be too quick to judge but instead to overcome evil with LOVE.

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