Desparate Cry for God’s Help

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Hello, I’m asking you brother’s and sister’s too please lift me up in pray. I am really stressed out.  I fell from a tree and was admitted in the hospital.  Now I came out and my family just hate me for no reason at all.

My uncle that live at the same house with me cursed me so badly, it caused my  blood pressure to go up 220/190.  Also the father of  my son is not supporting the child.  In spite  of all my situations in God do I put my trust and even though am going through a lot now I know nothing beats prayer.  Please pray for me and my son Ricardo. My name is Lisa.

thanks in advance for your prayers.

5 thoughts on “Desparate Cry for God’s Help

  1. Lisa, keep your eyes fixed on Jesus. With all that is going on right now, you need a stable source of strength. You will find it in the Word of God and in communion with Him as you pray. You, your son, and your family are in my prayers. God will bring you emotional and physical healing. Blessings to you!

  2. Lisa as we come together praying your peace in your household,a peace that surpasses all understanding.I agree with the others believers that any and everything that not love is disbursed from your home today.I am confident that our Heavenly Father is faithful,he hears your cry for help.As I petition for your total healing things mentioned and things that we don’t know about.God is with you Lisa. He will never leave you.Rest Lisa,rest in our Fathers love.Be at peace my sister for all things will work out for your good.God loves you dear heart and so do I !Blessings & Love

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