John L Hemphill III

Pray for me; I have to work, invest my money, go to college, pay off debts while going to college, try to save up money, pay for car maintenance so it keeps running and preach..of yeah and all without any raise in 6 years.
Pray that God adds more souls to His kingdom and that He helps me to manage. He has a reason for it all; I pray He will find a way to get glory out of these difficulties even though I don’t know why they are.

One thought on “John L Hemphill III

  1. Thanks John for your prayer request. We are praying for his perfect will be to accomplished in your life. He is a rewared of them that deligently seek him. I call forth blessing with your name on it to come forth and for even the things which we did not ask for to be released in your life. I thank God for you and your boldness and your willingness to be a blessing and a light.

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