Custody Battle

I need prayer and it’s pretty deep of an issue. It’s a nasty custody battle that my son’s father is using the court system to spread his lies to decrease child support and rip my son from his stable home. He doesn’t really want sole custody because its been 11 yrs since my son is with me legally and he only tried once I increased financial support in July.

I have had to file restraining order on him and his wife due to threats and him defaming me and blocking driveway. He has sent police out  to my place  twice for lies. (taking sons phone and false child abuse report) He has turned my kids against me by telling them lies and bringing up things to have the kids choosing sides. Now I have a defiant 14 yr old that is really hurting inside and saying he is confused and lacking purpose (he told a friend of mine).

I call forth salvation for their father. I call forth unbroken fellowship with kids for us to go back to how things were. I pray my son would choose obedience and love over disobedience. I pray for peace for all. I pray for father of my kids that he will not be able to speak should he choose to lie in court in September.  I pray that the judge will see through the existing documents that they are full of lies. I pray for us to reach an agreement that benefits my son without further brainwashing from his father.

I pray that this anger is cast down so my son can rest and not have to keep false documentation on me for the court mediator. Please pray for strength for me as I cherish my relationship with kids. Jesus you are holding me close!

One thought on “Custody Battle

  1. Thank you for your prayer request. The group is praying for you and your children and their father. May God grant you peace and stregth in this troubled time. God knows the truth in this situation and it will surface. In the meantime, keep trusting the Lord and remember not to fight evil with evil but to fight eveil with good.

    Be encouraged and keep your eyes on Jesus and not on the situation. God is bigger than all your problems. Father I pray that you will lead my sister and grant her the desires of her heart.

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