My Son is in Prison

Caller called today, with a hopeless cry for her son who is locked up for 26 years.  She is requesting prayer because she needs help not only for her son but for the other 3 sons she is raising.

She is a Christian woman and she has been rejected by our community, friends, and church, and family because of the nature of what her son did. She wants to remain anonymous but she has been following the ministry of Prayer Works Cafe on Facebook.

She mentioned she has not been able to pull herself together to see him since the day he had the incident which ia almost one year. She is saddened, depressed and angry. She badly needs our prayer.


2 thoughts on “My Son is in Prison

  1. Forgive us oh Lord for we as a community, church, family and friends have sinned. We pray for this mother who is going through this difficult time in her life. Where there is sadness I speak your overwhelming unspeakable joy. Where there is hatred replace it with your love that conquers all things. Where there is pain and hurt I ask for your complete healing. More so I ask for restoration for this family which only you know how to do. Let there too be forgiveness of heart in this family as you forgive us. I pray that during this troubled time that all eyes will be on you. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.

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