Remain Faithful in Trails

β€Ž1 Peter 1:6-7 (New Century Version (NCV)

6 This makes you very happy, even though now for a short time different kinds of troubles may make you sad.7 These troubles come to prove that your faith is pure. This purity of faith is worth more than gold, which can be proved to be pure by fire but will ruin. But the purity of your faith will bring you praise and glory and honor when Jesus Christ is shown to you.


Mediate on this throughout the day. I find it to be powerful knowing that when we go through trials of all sorts if we stand in holiness through the Holy Spirit, it reveals Christ lives within us.

What a testimony?

What a great tool for Evangelizing?

Being faithful in trials!

Dear Lord:

Please help me to remain faithful in my testings. May my life always reflects you and may your will be done in my life. Help me to know that whatever happens today is in your will and I have the tools through prayer and the word to manage it. Thanks you Lord, amen.

One thought on “Remain Faithful in Trails

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