PWEOM Mobile App for Private Prayer Messages



Faith and I are happy to inform you that there is a much easier, convenient, secure and fast way of sending in your private prayer messages or requests by way of our user-friendly Mobile App.

Simply go to and type PW Café and download Pray Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries Mobile App.

This will work for Apple and Android phones.

We are committed to be praying for you and your families.

More to come on the teams we are putting in place on Thursdays from 9:00am to 5:00 pm for you to dial in live and talk with someone about your concerns and prayer needs.

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Thanks for giving

Thanks for giving

Thanks to our most recent donors to Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Mininstries:

Gardner R Curtis, M C Willis, Tamara Palmer, and Pastor Timothy Hohl.

Thanks for your financial support in ministry. We thank God for you. Please if you have not yet donated , it is not too late to start giving your Dollar, ($1) per month.

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What’s going on With PWEOM

 This wedding was made possible by Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries, Pastor Timothy Hohl of Ardmore United Methodist Church, Ex25 Designs and The Party Professionals.

This is one of the many arms of our multifaceted ministry and is part of giving back to the community.

For information visit us at or call 856-433-8104. 




You are worth more than many sparrow…You are worth more than many sparrows!!

You are worth more than many sparrows!!



Jesus wants you to be strong through rough times. Having hope with a courageous heart.

You are worth more that what society says about you, what unbelievers say about you.

Your worth is greater that many sparrows not one but many.

A sparrows represents dignity, self-worth and empowerment. They teach responsibility and cooperation.

A sparrow bring luck, good fortune, blessings, love, dedication, trust, freedom, creativity, protection, productivity, joy and safe journey.

If God is aware and takes care of the smallest things on the earth, how much more will he be aware and take care of you as his child.

written by Sammoya Tomlinson

Filling God’s Gaps

“Anything other than God’s plan carried out God’s way and in God’s timing amounts to self-reliance.

Read | Genesis 16:1-6

Filling GOD'S Gap

Filling GOD’S Gap

Has God given you a vision that is as yet unfulfilled? Has He assigned you a task that remains incomplete, though you’ve done everything you know to do?

When the Lord creates “gaps” in our life, such waiting periods are designed for His specific purposes. Sometimes they are meant to prepare us for His pre-ordained answer. He may be waiting to fulfill His plan, because in the meantime there is something He needs to take care of—perhaps a rough edge that must be smoothed or a relationship that must be restored—before He will fully accomplish His purposes. He may also be testing our faith by plumbing its depths and expanding its borders so He can prove Himself faithful. Or He may be using a dry period as an occasion for correction: God will not reward a saint who is living in rebellion.

Oswald Chambers advises us to wait upon the Lord while He prepares us for His answers. It is imperative that we pray and trust God during these periods. We should not act until we’re certain that we have heard from Him. In fact, it can be dangerous to listen to others instead of the Lord. Even people with godly intentions can be wrong—look at Abram’s poor decisions after listening to the seemingly solid logic of his wife. The result was that Sarai’s handmaiden Hagar conceived Abram’s child, which certainly was not part of the Lord’s preferred plan.

Anything other than God’s plan carried out God’s way and in God’s timing amounts to self-reliance. Depend on His Spirit when deciding how to proceed; any other course of action can lead to serious and lasting repercussions.”

This article is taken from In Touch Ministries led by Dr Charles Stanley.

The Gift of Forgiveness

The one who chooses to put on love and offer forgiveness is ready to receive the peace of Christ.



Read | Colossians 3:12-17

Webster defines gift as “something given to show friendship, affection, support, etc.” Using this definition, it seems logical to give gifts only to people we love, not to those who hurt or abuse us. Yet Scripture clearly tells us to offer one of the greatest possible gifts—forgiveness—to those who mistreat us.

To forgive means “to give up all claims to punish or exact a penalty for an offense.” No strings or conditions can be attached, or else it ceases to be a pardon. Ephesians 2:8-9 expands on this by contrasting the gift of salvation with works. Neither salvation nor forgiveness can be earned; both must be freely given. God granted us forgiveness, which we did not deserve and could not earn. And in much the same way, we are to release every offender from any form of penalty.

Unforgiveness is emotional bondage that consumes minds with memories of offenses, distorts emotions with revenge, and fills hearts with churning unrest. Its tentacles reach deep into the soul, affecting both spiritual and physical health. But the one who chooses to put on love and offer forgiveness is ready to receive the peace of Christ. Let God’s Word help you release hurt and anger into His caring hands—then watch as vengeful thoughts are transformed into praise and gratitude to the Lord.

Thankfully, the gift of pardon is not something we have to manufacture in ourselves. This present is wrapped in the love of God and tied with the red ribbon of Christ’s sacrifice. It is freely given to us by the Savior, and our job is simply to pass it on to others.

This article is taken from In Touch Ministries led by Dr Charles Stanley.