God is Real 

Prayer Meeting this morning was a real blessing. It was great having my cousin Crystal and Andrea on.  
Nobody cannot tell me that God is not real. We have been believing God with a sister that had an impossible situation in her life. There was no hope in the situation but we still believed that God could and guess what He changed the situation completely. Hallelujah!!!

My faith in God has reached a pinnacle in the months September – October. I have seen where God put back broken marriages together, raised the dead, restored love in a divorced wife’s heart for her husband, provided jobs in miraculous ways, opened eyes to His truth, taught us to fight through prayer and fasting, and many more miracles, God revealed himself in seconds of asking him for help.

God is real. Since December of last year the devil had tried everything for me to curse God and die. The Spirit of doubt which works with the Leviathan and Python Spirits came in and caused me to even question the very existence of God but through it all God increased my faith and revealed himself to me in every storm.

Thank you God for the prayer line. It was a lifeline for me.

Please dial (641) 715-3836 with passcode 532238#. Hope to see you at 5:00am weekdays.

20,000 Viewers and Still Growing

Wow! We have more great news, our blog has more than 20,000 viewers and there is still more room to grow.

We are touching lives in more than 135 countries in the world. This is huge and impactful. We are helping believers in the Middle Eastern Worlds to stay connected in times of persecution.

Many thanks for your support. Please continue to visit our blog at or

PhilanTrophy Fundraising Celebration Dance and Fashion Show 

Hello Team: hoping you’re well. I have great news to report about our event PhilanTrophy Fundraising Celebration Dance and Fashion Show coming up on October 3, 2015 at 5:30pm. 
The DJ/Selector is ready with all your favorite dance music.

The dance floor is dazzling and clean waiting for you to rock the evening away.

The models are ready to strut their gowns for all to see.

The cater, The Party Professionals have just tied up the menu, Firry Jerk Pork, hot smoked Jerked Wings platters, tantalizing Spicy Curried Chicken with all your favorite sides like rice & beans, potatoes salad, cooling vegetables which goes well with all the “heat” for the evening.

It’s your evening, it’s your time to be celebrated. So come out in full numbers to eat all you can.

Admissions: Invite all you can to come out and have fun free, free, free!!! #PhilanTrophy #PWEOM #fun #family #celebration #event #fundraising #music #food #free

Young Entrepreneurs for Christ 

I’m so excited for Jaiden Rae. She hired Dehstin to help her with selling her jewelry and oh wow they are on fire. 
The duo prayed and hit the park at the Village Apartments. They sold six Bracelets and has order for four more . They are very grateful.

Thanks to Dione Nancolas, Kim Miller and Nadine Miller-Campbell for helping Jaiden Rae to bring her company to life… #YoungEntrepreneurs #InventorsOfGodlyThings #CreativeMinds #VeryTalented #Blessed #Gifted

My Life is a Living Sacrifice 

Hello Team, I want to share my studies with you. The scripture Romans 12. I got a moment to do a bit of background study into it and the Holy Spirit reminded me through verses 1-2 that I should walk in obedience to his purpose/will. This is a sacrificial act.

In my walk I will be tested/tried/proven by Him as he did with Abraham according to Genesis 22:12. Key point is at the end God made provision for what was to be sacrificed…

He provides for us while we become a living sacrifice. Daily dependence on God results in our transformation into the image and likeness of Christ.

Also there was a strong reminder through the word that vengeance belongs to God. I am to do good to those who are wicked/evil/mean to me according to Deuteronomy 32:35. In so doing a coal of fire which in this case means shame or remorse will be collected upon there heads. Proverbs 25:22…

Holy Spirit thanks for opening my eyes to this truth today!!!

Jaiden Rae, A Young Entrepreneur at age 6…Prophesy Fulfilled

We prayed and prophesied over my child that she will be an inventor of Godly things, and that she along with the other children in our lineage would be God centered and lead changes in their time… They would be a mighty blessing to everyone they come in contact with etc…

Well, we continue to pray this prayer over Jaiden Rae and the other children. About 3 days ago she came to me and said mom for your next event I need to sell something for children and need a table. I noticed she was thinking and thinking and thinking. She was very serious!!!

My question to her was, what would you like to sell? She mentioned, “I want to be original, so mom allow me to talk with a few of my males friends and girl friends to see what they would like to buy at a bridal expo”.

I said in the meantime, let me know what will be the name of your company and what do you want for your logo? Jaiden Rae talked with her aunts, her cousins, her fiends and anyone that could listen to get ideas on what to sell.

It came full circle, after our devotion today May 25, 2015. Jaiden Rae went into her room to finish her quite time. She came out with a logo, a name for her company and the items she will be selling at the event for children who participate in wedding.

My partner is busy working on her design and also is so very supportive as she helps to mentor Jaiden Rae in developing her creative skills…Our hearts are overjoyed, while we are registering her company with the State of New Jersey and working behind the scenes to help her make this a reality…