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Jaiden Rae, A Young Entrepreneur at age 6…Prophesy Fulfilled

We prayed and prophesied over my child that she will be an inventor of Godly things, and that she along with the other children in our lineage would be God centered and lead changes in their time… They would be a mighty blessing to everyone they come in contact with etc…

Well, we continue to pray this prayer over Jaiden Rae and the other children. About 3 days ago she came to me and said mom for your next event I need to sell something for children and need a table. I noticed she was thinking and thinking and thinking. She was very serious!!!

My question to her was, what would you like to sell? She mentioned, “I want to be original, so mom allow me to talk with a few of my males friends and girl friends to see what they would like to buy at a bridal expo”.

I said in the meantime, let me know what will be the name of your company and what do you want for your logo? Jaiden Rae talked with her aunts, her cousins, her fiends and anyone that could listen to get ideas on what to sell.

It came full circle, after our devotion today May 25, 2015. Jaiden Rae went into her room to finish her quite time. She came out with a logo, a name for her company and the items she will be selling at the event for children who participate in wedding.

My partner is busy working on her design and also is so very supportive as she helps to mentor Jaiden Rae in developing her creative skills…Our hearts are overjoyed, while we are registering her company with the State of New Jersey and working behind the scenes to help her make this a reality…

Together we are doing more to help

Special thanks going out to the following persons who gave a sacrificial gift today to PWEOM for us to help.

Thanks Faith White, Tamara Palmer, Kevin Barrett, Debra Stevenson, Millicent Johnson, Gardner Curtis, Nardia Knight, Maraine Douglas   Carole Honouvi-Bawa, Viris Hart and Nadine Miller-Campbell.   It not to late to join in and help. Give your sacrificial gift at

Together we can do more…

PWEOM has great news.
Team the final figures are out and we are extremely proud of what we did with your help.

Together we raised $39, 829.80 for year 2014. A 210% increase over 2013.

Together we raised $39, 829.80 for year 2014. A 210% increase over 2013.

Together we raised $39,829.80 for our ministry. This is a 210% increase over our first years income. This total does not include food and clothing donations received. We are thankful.

We were able to feed and clothes the homeless in Camden NJ, and Center City Philadelphia PA, we helped with feeding families in our community who were in need, we invested into new ministries by creating income for them for services rendered to PWEOM, we helped to get back people into work by providing training, clothing, mentorship, mock interviews using the behavior interview module and exposure to various new career fields.

We gave back smiles in Jamaica (completed denture work for persons whose front teeth were missing due to hardship which resulted in no health insurance to aid in proper dental hygiene), we helped with building a 1 bedroom apt for one individual in JA, we provided full sponsorship for a literacy Summer program in JA, helped with funeral expenses for those families in need, helped with offsetting rental expenses for families that were in arrears and they were about to be evicted from their primary residence due to hardship in the economy.

We gave back weddings to families who we financially challenged, we helped with transportation for individuals and families who did not have a car and could not afford public transportation, and we also helped with getting them to a state of either owning a car or financially able to take public transportation.

We have more to report but you will see it all when we publish our 2014 tax return for you to see what your donations helped to cause in and around our communities.

Please continue to give to our ministry. Visit us at and make a donation today…

Dirty Linen in our Closets

Judges 16:1-31 Samson and Delilah

Entertaining the enemy

Entertaining the enemy

It is very important as children of God for us to take inventory of our cultural customs within the kingdom and stay within those guidelines.

The moment we step out of kingdom principles and practices, is the moment we open up ourselves to pitfalls and run the risk of the presence of the Lord leaving us.

Like Samson, who has no business mingling with the Philistines and falling in love with the betrayer. He got very comfortable and he let his guard down allowing himself to be beguiled by the enemy. Sharing principles and inside kingdom details he has no business sharing. He got careless with the gift.

Seek to know who you are entertaining in your Godly circle and who is on your team. Are they dream crushers, hole diggers, and or friends with the enemy. Or are they helpers, destiny makers, life changers, team players who are coachable, teachable and has the team and leadership best interest at heart.

Seek to know this and spend time observing and listening to know the heart of those among you. Wisdom comes with listening and hearing and carefully dissecting the observations by testing it in the word of God.

Like Delilah, who was friends with the enemy, she kept asking for the secret to Samson’s strength, his gift and he was so naive he could not see that he was not to share this. He could not see that Delilah has a hidden agenda. He was outside of kingdom customs, and away from the covenant protection. Samson exposed his secret, the who and what behind his gift and it was to his demise. He no longer had spiritual eyes to see that Delilah was testing what he had said and that she included the enemy in the test.

My friends, leaders and people of God, as we are approaching the new year let’s examine our circle to see who should we take with us to the next level. Examine to see who just want to know the inner happenings to share with the enemy like Delilah. Wait while you try the spirit.

The Bible reminded us in verse 20 of Judges 16 that …”Then she said, “Samson, the Philistines are here!” He woke up and thought, “I’ll leave as I did before and shake myself free.” But he did not know that the Lord had left him.”

It’s not business as usual when you entertain the enemy. The anointing that was once upon you could be removed. The Lord is with you but if you continue in your own way …the Lord will leave you and just like Samson you could be captured and eventually die with the enemy. Entertaining the enemy, trouble makers and unGodliness could be physically and emotionally costly….

My encouragement to you is to be wise, examine your conversations, acts, and deeds and if there be any “dirty linen in our closets” take it to God, confess and get moving again in the right direct for 2015.