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Check the Spirit before you indulge by Owen Sewell

1 John 4:1-6  (KJV) 4 Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world.Hereby know ye the Spirit of God: Every spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God:And every spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come; and even now already is it in the world.Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.They are of the world: therefore speak they of the world, and the world heareth them.We are of God: he that knoweth God heareth us; he that is not of God heareth not us. Hereby know we the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error.

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Good Evening Folks, I greet each person in the Mighty Name Of Jesus Christ!! Through the Mighty Holy Spirit, I`ve been teaching a few weeks now on the Subject of HALLOWEEN!! I must say the response have been good but it`s so surprising that so much of God`s people do not know that this so-called holiday is really a celebrated day in the world of the Occult!!! Before I started the Spirit of the Lord said to me, “…that this has been a spot and a huge blemish in your offering to me O America.” We who are called by the name of the Almighty ought to know better, we allow our children from infants to young adult to dabble in this Ungodly practice without considering the Spiritual ramifications!! Here is a testimony of someone who knows about Halloween and it`s effects!! Rev. John Todd an EX-GR
AND DRUID PRIEST saved by the grace of Jesus Christ!!! “I was a Druid High Priest! The power structure that I was apart of, controlled LODGES, POLITICIANS, and WITCHES!! In fact, I had over 65 000 top witches under my authority. Our goal was to destroy Bible-Believing Churches and make witchcraft our nation`s (America) religion.” Friends, I adjured you that if you used to take part in Halloween please stop and repent and stop allowing your children to participate in this ghastly ritual!!! Do have yourselves a good evening and God bless!!! If you want to know more, visit my page!! I urge you to go back start from Part 1 backwards to Part 8 which is the current post, God bless!!!



Prayer Conference by Christ Temple World Outreach Center

1 Corinthians 14:15 What am I to do? I will pray with my spirit, but I will pray with my mind also; I will sing praise with my spirit, but I will sing with my mind also.

Dear Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries Team:

Please join the prayer conference that is now happening from 9:00pm.  The conference line is 218-862-6767 and the conference code is 862435.


I am blessed and Higly Favored

Luke 1:28 (KJV) And the angel came in unto her, and said, Hail, thou that art highly favoured, the Lord is with thee: blessed art thou among women.

Today was great… God I thank you for my wonderful team and for the two helpers that was sent to my Financial Center… Thank you Lord for favor… I am blessed and highly favored and most of all I am a child of God…

My blessings are set forth before like a carpet for my feet, a robe of righteousness for my body and a crown of goodness for my head. I am amazed by his loving kindness and tender mercies.

My faith in Christ gives me confidence and boldness to live life unafraid. It is comforting to know I love my life and I would not exchange it for nothing in this world. The joy that I have found in Christ is unspeakable and even in the midst of turbulence and misfortunes I have a life in Christ that words cannot express. My joy is reflected in my smiles. Man, it’s hard to explain and to capture in writing. My heart is full of gratefulness and I am excited about each day. Thank you Lord for your blessing on me.

I often say to myself what would my life be if Christ was not in it?

I have attached a link to some affirmation of scriptures that I find useful when I  pray.   Declare these verses over your life, your children’s life, you family’s life and over anyone you are praying for and see the change it brings in your attitude toward life …

Healing for Mom by Keisha Holman

Ps 103:1-5 (KJV)

1 Bless the LORD, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name. 2 Bless the LORD, O my soul, and forget not all his benefits: 3 Who forgives all thine iniquities; who healeth all thy diseases; 4 Who redeemed thy life from destruction; who crowned thee with loving-kindness and tender mercies; 5 Who satisfies thy mouth with good things; so that thy youth is renewed like the eagle’s.

I have not been here for a while but I have been focused on school and my bi-weekly exams. I am taking this time to ask not only prayer for me that I stay FOCUS and do WELL in my exams and projects but spread most of your prayers to my girl Denese Young as her mom has been in the hospital since last Monday.

Denese and her mom are strong but they need our pool of strength during their time of need. Thank you, angels on earth, and thank you, God!


In the Midst of Storms by Theresa Cerreta-Siligrini

Matthew 8:23-27 (KJV)23 And when he was entered into a ship, his disciples followed him. 24 And, behold, there arose a great tempest in the sea, insomuch that the ship was covered with the waves: but he was asleep. 25 And his disciples came to him, and awoke him, saying, Lord, save us: we perish. 26 And he saith unto them, Why are ye fearful, O ye of little faith? Then he arose, and rebuked the winds and the sea; and there was a great calm. 27 But the men marvelled, saying, What manner of man is this, that even the winds and the sea obey him!

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In the mist of every storm my God you are there to up hold the righteous and faithful who walk with you. Your never-ending love for your servants is ever shining across the land.
People look and wonder how can that be, how can they praise Him even when destruction is knocking at their door?
Our reply oh God is with the truth that is embedded in our hearts! We know that our God is forever by our side with His mighty hands outstretched to protect us even if the land around us should crumble. You shield the weak and powerless and strengthen us with your love.
We know and trust that the love of our mighty God can calm the raging seas across the land and within our hearts! You raise us up when the turmoil of the world tries to bring destruction and drown us in misery.
Your promise of an eternal life with you is our hope that sustains us.

The Raging Storm on the Mission Field by Lindee Lind

Psalm 46:1-3,7 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change and though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea; though its waters roar and foam, though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. Selah. The LORD of hosts is with us; the God of Jacob is our stronghold. Selah.

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I want to ask you to pray for friends of mine that are missionaries. They live in Germany here and they are starting house churches and teaching on relational communities. They have struggled financially and have had many attacks.

Folks asked them to help start a Christian community and they moved to join them. Now six months later, they are asking them to leave. They have no money, and they are really struggling to get into an apartment, of their own. Please pray for Gods provision and for clear direction.

Milestones for Prayer Works Evangelism Outreach Ministries

James 1:12 Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.

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“Awesome! Awesome! Thank you Lord our group has grown to over 7591 members strong in such a very short time. When combined we have over a 1,000,000 people we reach daily. God you are amazing! I have definitely been blessed here.

Let us all pray continuously for our leaders that they will be strengthened daily!”

Statistics for the ministry since we launched in June 28, 2012

Facebook Group:

Today we celebrate 2342 members!/groups/prayerworkscafe/

Facebook Page:

Today we celebrate 897 likes!/PrayerWorksCafe

Twitter: Today we celebrate 864 followers

Email: We have received over 5000 emails with various requests and testimonies

Blog: 4815 viewers from 85 countries

Prayer Lines: We receive an average of five calls per nights,  Prayer Lines Toll Free 888-939-5837/856-433-8104

Prayer Conference

Weekday mornings between 5:00 am to 5:45 am. We have consistently 12 people joining the prayer conference.

Dial: 209-255-1000

Participant Code: 532238

Live Prayer Meeting-Call in with your Prayer Request

Every Wednesdays between 7:00pm-10:00pm, call in Prayer Works Outreach Radio with your prayer request and we will pray for you.

Prayer Works Outreach Radio Ministry

Every Sunday morning join Prayer Works Outreach Radio for a full day of worship, praise, testimony and the Word.


Listen to your favorite Gospel songs and enjoy the melodious melodies of a fresh take to radio. Listen and be blessed.

Thank you father for this opportunity to spread your word.

Prayer Meeting

The last Thursday of each month at 7:00 pm to 8:00pm at Ardmore United Methodist Church in Ardmore Pennsylvania with Pastor Timothy Hohl.

Street Meetings

Every Second and Fourth Sunday we go to the inner city of South Jersey and Philadelphia to help feed, help pray, encourage and minister to the less fortunate.

Coming Soon

  • Street Sunday School for inner city kids
  • Official Website for PWEOM
  • Official place for Prayer Center

Job Cafe Inc:

736 Likes, we are providing jobs for professionals looking to be re-introduced to the working world and for professionals who are looking to be promoted.

March 28, 2013, seven skilled managers are meeting with a major employer who is looking to dominate the field of finance in the Greater Philadelphia Area.

To God be the glory great things he has done.  We are the hands, the feet, mouths, the ears, and the eyes of Jesus. He can use anyone to carry out his will why not be available for him to use you. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you find your purpose in the kingdom of God.

A big thank you from the group for all your support in prayers and otherwise. Please continue to seek the Lord for ways you can support this ministry.


Combined Prayer Requests

Philippians 4:6 (KJV) Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

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  • Hi good morning….can u please pray for me the constant struggles I’m going through just want a peace of mind….thank u
  • Hi please pray for me for favor with getting my home rented very soon and wisdom in choosing the right person,  favor with my new business and finally there is a family situation that has burdened me and I’m just at a loss for words about it I can tell you it concerns my relationship with my children so you know how burdened I am about it
  • Theresa Ching lost her husband, she requested prayer for  help to continue through this hardship and for her three children ages 11-14.
  • Members who are now out of  jobs requested prayers for  jobs and for God to grant peace while they wait.

Hear My Cry Oh Lord by Olayemi Eric Ogunbase

Psalm 61:1-8 (KJV)

1Hear my cry, O God; attend unto my prayer. From the end of the earth will I cry unto thee, when my heart is overwhelmed: lead me to the rock that is higher than I. For thou hast been a shelter for me, and a strong tower from the enemy. I will abide in thy tabernacle for ever: I will trust in the covert of thy wings. Selah. For thou, O God, hast heard my vows: thou hast given me the heritage of those that fear thy name. Thou wilt prolong the king’s life: and his years as many generations. He shall abide before God for ever: O prepare mercy and truth, which may preserve him. So will I sing praise unto thy name for ever, that I may daily perform my vows.

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Please forgive my overly bold first prayer request, but this is urgent.

****Please agree with and intercede for me in prayer. My wife of 11 years filed for divorce on October 19th. In my state, divorces can be finalized within 60 days. I know the Lord‘s Will for marriages. To compound this problem, I believe that there are those close to the situation (in and out of our church) who are encouraging her toward this course of action. We have 5 sons, and as a child of divorce, I don’t want them to experience the pain, anguish and issues that divorce brought to me.

Please join me in this prayer. Let’s shake the floor of Heaven with this request!****


I ask you to strengthen Your workers in the Heavenly realms for this ongoing spiritual battle. All glory is Yours, and I believe You will be glorified through the preservation and restoration of my marriage.

By the authority given me in Jesus Name, I rebuke those spirits and people who have driven a wedge and are continuing to try and drive a wedge between myself and my bride!

Father, Jesus Himself said in Mark 10, “What You (God) have joined together, let man not separate”. I’m standing on that Word. Lord, I know that it’s not Your Will for divorce. I know that it is Your Will for us to work things out. Because of this, I claim the victory. I claim my marriage for YOUR honor and glory. So Lord, show Yourself through this process. Let ALL who have seen this situation, KNOW that it was YOU who brought us back together. There will be NO DIVORCE. Our marriage will remain unbroken, both in Your eyes, and the eyes of the civil authorities. Lord, I’ve been praying for us to spend Christmas under the same roof as a family, and believe You are working on that.

Into Your capable Hands I commit this matter. I thank You for the answered prayer and resultant glory that is ALL Yours. Thank You that I can run to you, Abba, and know You are strengthening me for a greater purpose.

In the Time of Trouble

Faithful in testings,  you have already won the battle

If you are faced with circumstances that you cannot get through and it seems like there is no way out and you are going under. Be careful not to lose heart and to become confused with whether or not God will see you through.He cannot go back on his promise because of his sovereignty.

My encouragement when trouble comes

My encouragement is that you fight your battles through prayers, on your knees.  The enemy hates prayer and he trembles when a believer starts to pray. True prayer reveals dirt and opens the gates of unrighteousness. It creates spiritual vigilance where a believer’s spiritual scenes are sharpened. The secret of prayers  is that no evil with stand it will all be exposed. When we pray and we fully surrender all to Jesus we should leave the outcome to him.

Rest in his promise and stand still and enjoy our salvation. Do not get distracted with all that happens before your complete victory. Keep your eyes on Jesus, hold your head high and praise your ways out of your situation. Do not be engaged in idle chatter that will lead to bitterness and UN-forgiveness. Know where you stand with the Lord and be confident in his truth about you. Make no mistake you have already won the battle. The victory is for you. Walk in it…

Remember the Lord will shield you from the effects of unrighteousness. He shall hide you in his pavilion, in the secret place of his tabernacle. Where the enemy cannot touch you. You don’t have to go around defending yourself. Pray, love and wait upon the Lord. Continue to live for Jesus and ask him to live through you.

Psalms 27

The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid? When the wicked, even mine enemies and my foes, came upon me to eat up my flesh, they stumbled and fell. Though an host should encamp against me, my heart shall not fear: though war should rise against me, in this will I be confident. One thing have I desired of the Lord, that will I seek after; that I may dwell in the house of the Lord all the days of my life, to behold the beauty of the Lord, and to enquire in his temple. For in the time of trouble he shall hide me in his pavilion: in the secret of his tabernacle shall he hide me; he shall set me up upon a rock. And now shall mine head be lifted up above mine enemies round about me: therefore will I offer in his tabernacle sacrifices of joy; I will sing, yea, I will sing praises unto the Lord. Hear, O Lord, when I cry with my voice: have mercy also upon me, and answer me. When thou saidst, Seek ye my face; my heart said unto thee, Thy face, Lord, will I seek. Hide not thy face far from me; put not thy servant away in anger: thou hast been my help; leave me not, neither forsake me, O God of my salvation. 10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up. 11 Teach me thy way, O Lord, and lead me in a plain path, because of mine enemies. 12 Deliver me not over unto the will of mine enemies: for false witnesses are risen up against me, and such as breathe out cruelty. 13 I had fainted, unless I had believed to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living. 14 Wait on the Lord: be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.